What We Secretly Want For Xmas

The real gift over the holidays is in giving! Especially when you do it right! Giving the perfect gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend and family is the most awesome high. The smiles, tears, and all things awesome! But now, how do we help our friends and family perfect what YOU secretly want for Christmas?


1) An experience.

Nothing like an indulgent spa treatment, a great dinner with your best friends, a concert, or something that makes us feel like you want to help us relax and take a break! Also, presents that you can share with others are always really meaningful.



2) Accessories

Sparkles, jewelry, and purses make great presents. The great part is that you don’t need to worry about sizing and carefully selected jewelry and accessories really show us how well you know our style! My favorite bracelets were gifts from my sister and my boyfriend. It’s sentimental and meaningful and reminds me of them every time I wear it.



3) Something Cozy

Warm sweaters, mittens, wool hat, blankets and scarves! Think luxe fabrics- cashmere, wool, and fuzzy comfy cottons. Warm and wintery presents are really great and practical presents.

Winter accessories


4) Books

Coffee table books, memoirs, and awesome novels! I love getting books for Christmas. Reading while sitting on the couch with a warm blanket and hot tea in the winter is ultimate relaxation.

Reading a book


5) Beauty Products

Indulgent skincare products, bubble bath, soaps, lotions, makeup and nail polish are great treats. It’s that little bit of luxury that we love, but might not regularly treat ourselves to. 

Beauty product

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