Rihanna Collaborates With Manolo Blahnik Yet Again

For the last week, we’ve all gone to sleep after whispering the following prayer aloud:

Help us, Rihanna, please. Help us in our time of need.

And I think this is her way of telling us that she’s trying: the singer is collaborating with Manolo Blahnik again to release three new boot styles on Wednesday — a.k.a. November 16 — and will be available at Blahnik boutiques and on the Manolo Blahnik website.

The collection is called “Savage” and is inspired by Rihanna’s love of suede and Timberland boots. In fact, one of the styles is inspired by a 2000s-era Manolo take on a Timberland boot — a heeled suede number with faux fur, what’s up. (It’s called “The Fallon,” but no word on whether it will invite Donald Trump onto its talk show and mess up his hair.)

Granted, despite being winter-ready, these boots will be an absolute nightmare to navigate on un-shovelled sidewalk or anywhere ice exists, so for the love of all that is good, do not be a hero and attempt to brave any actual winter conditions in these bad boys. You are not in a music video from 2002 — you are a grown-ass person who needs to get to work without slipping and breaking your neck. (This is your mother speaking.)

There also aren’t any set price points yet, so don’t buy anything until Wednesday, basically, until you know how much a pair of these will run you. (Budgeting: the least fun thing about being a person.) And remember, when you do inevitably score a pair, you will basically be Beyonce in the “Bonnie and Clyde” video because she wore the original Timberland version in 2003, thus making you one step closer to the world of Queen Bey — on top of wearing boots that Rihanna has designed.

Unless you’re me, who knows heels and winter are a combination that will cause my demise. Bless us everyone. More boots for you.

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