Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction Stories

Ever since Janet Jackson at the Superbowl, the term “wardrobe malfunction” has been a part of everyone’s vocabulary. But celebrities aren’t the only ones who experience terrible clothing-related mishaps. Below, a few 29secrets readers share their most embarrassing (but hilarious!) wardrobe malfunctions.

Cat Fight

I was at a bar with my cousin, and I was wearing one of those corset tops that does up in the front, with no bra. Somehow my cousin managed to piss off some girl and suddenly I felt her reach around me from behind and grab onto my top. She yanked one side and the whole thing came flying open. So I was standing there for a good 3 seconds in complete shock, with my boobs fully out. I recovered enough to cover myself with my hands, but not before the whole bar got a show. The worst part was I couldn’t get my top back on without exposing myself again, and my cousin was too busy having her hair extensions ripped out by the girl who started the fight to help . And then we got kicked out for fighting!

-Lexie H.

Musical Genius

I went to Osheaga in Montreal one summer, and decided I was going to try to be stylish and comfortable in the blazing heat, with a cute flowy top with a really low cut back. I couldn’t wear a regular bra, so I got one of those bras that you just stick onto your boobs in the front. Probably not more than an hour into the day, I could feel the bra starting to slip. I was literally sweating so much that the adhesive wouldn’t stick to my skin! I ended up having to buy an extra-large band T-shirt just so I didn’t have to walk around with my nipples showing all day.

-Laura J.

What’s that Smell?

My boyfriend and I had just gotten into a huge fight, and I stormed out and walked over to a nearby park to cool down. It was night time and a little chilly out, but I was so angry, I didn’t really care. After a little while, my boyfriend came out and found me sitting on the grass under a tree. He sat down with me, and we continued to argue. I was determined not to back down on this one. Eventually, we decided it was cold and if we were going to keep fighting, we should go back inside. I stood up and started to walk away, when he said “Um.. there’s something on your pants.” I sat in dog crap. I had been sitting in dog crap for the last half an hour and had no idea. The fight kind of fizzled out after that, it’s hard to stay serious when all you can smell is poop.

-Jennifer G.

Birthday Suit

My boyfriend and I were fooling around, half naked of course, when he thought it would be funny to give me a piggy back and pretend he was going to go outside. Until he did go outside, and forgot the door was locked. So there I am, wearing just my underwear, completely topless, in the middle of winter. Luckily, he lives in a basement apartment so I was able to hide in the stairwell while he broke in through a window. Turns out some people had seen him wandering around half dressed and called the police. Luckily I was back inside, fully clothed by then.

-Amy L.

Dirty Laundry

I was out doing some errands one day, just strolling down the street in my own little world, when someone came running up and said “miss, you dropped something.” I turned around, and the guy standing there threw something at me quickly, without looking me in the eye. Before I could react, he turned and walked away. I looked down to find it was a pair of my underwear. I had thrown on a pair of pants that day that I guess had the previous day’s underwear still stuck inside them. And no, they weren’t my sexiest pair.

-Shauna K.

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