How to Cover Dark Circles

Dark circles are one of beauty's most telltale signs that you didn't get enough sleep the previous night. Nothing makes you look as exhausted as you probably are than those pesky drk patches beneath your eyes and they are a dead giveaway that you may or may not have been partying or chugging away on your computer for the better part of the night. But, how to fix them? 

Eye Cream

The first thing you should do is find an under eye cream to battle the dark circles while you're also covering them. Under eye creams will help to brighten the skin while you're wearing makeup or while you're sleeping at night, so make sure to apply after you wash your face, but before you apply your moisturizer! (Generally, you should try to avoid heavy creams or moisturizers under the eye, and stick to lighter products like serums or creams specifically desgined for that sensitive area.) We love the Philosophy Full of Promise Restoring Eye Duo because it has two ends (one for your upper eye, one for your lower) and has ingredients like caffeine to help tighten and brighten the skin. $78, available at Sephora.


Next you should find a concealer that works for you and your skin. While cream concealers are often better because they don't dry the skin out and actually add extra moisture and hydration (like the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer, $38, available at Sephora), the skin under the eye is very sensitive and you may prefer a concealer stick instead—the main thing is to find one that works best with your skin type and tone. To battle the purple or blue tinge that dark circles typically give off, find a concealer that counteracts that colour and has a more yellow or orange base. Apply using either a concealer brush (like this one from MAC Cosmetics, $41) or clean fingers and apply only on the dark circle area. 


After you've applied your foundation and blended it into the concealer, use something to brighten up the eye area—either a white eye shadow in the corners of your eyes or a sweep of illuminator beneath your eyes or a sparkling eyeshadow on your lids to bring the focus upwards—whatever your pleasure! 

Get Rest and Stay Hydrated

And last but certainly not least, make sure to get your beauty sleep and drink lots of water! While that may easier said than done, water does wonders for your compelxion and staying super hydrated throughout the day will help to keep your skin tone even and looking bright!

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