Transition From Spring to Summer Style

Feeling like you’re in a style rut? Tired of wearing the same go-to outfits every week and the same couple of dresses for happy hour? Trying to switch it up but don’t want to buy a ton of new clothes? All it takes is some daring, creativity and a fresh eye to be on your way to feeling like you have a brand new wardrobe¦ without dishing out the dough! There are several ways to play around with what’s already hanging in your closet, and I guarantee you’ll have fun trying these different methods “ it’s like playing grownup dress-up!

Think like a stylist
What exactly does this mean? Try to think outside the box and outside of your fashion comfort zone. Take a day to put forgotten and everyday tops and bottoms, dresses and jackets, shoes and bags together in new outfits you’ve never worn before. Have a friend join you. She can play stylist too! She just might concoct an amazing look that you could never have thought of on your own. That shirt you bought but forgot about? It would look perfect with your basic pencil skirt and a sassy pair of heels. Add a different colored belt or bag to a colorful dress to make things interesting. The possibilities are endless when you go shopping in your own closet!

Get inspired!
How to find some inspiration? Check magazines or fashion blogs for new outfit ideas, or take a cue from a coworker’s funky style. Your phone has a camera, so when you see an outfit you really like, snap a picture. Most people will be flattered! If you can’t take a picture, sketch it out when you get home (even if you draw like a 2-year-old you’ll have a great reminder of that look). Don’t ever be afraid to try something new. When you look at your clothes in a new way, so will others (they’ll also notice that newfound pep in your stride!)

Versatility is key
Remember this if you must buy something new (or just really, really want to). When you buy new pieces, keep in mind how they will work into your current wardrobe. If you already have plenty of basics, go for something a little more interesting, such as a top with a really great print or a cool, brightly-colored skirt. That way, you can mix these up with different bottoms and tops to create snazzy new combos. If you are the opposite and have more unique pieces, go for the basics. Some essentials: the LBD (and this season the LWD), a white t-shirt and/or tank top, a basic pencil skirt, a neutral-colored tailored blazer, and simple black pumps. With these items in your closet, you can mix and match with almost anything to create great looks for yourself.

Have fun!
Don’t take yourself too seriously, but do snap some pics of the incredible outfits you discover during this sartorial journey. Print them and hang them in your closet, along with other pictures that inspire you fashion-wise. Have a great time “ and enjoy your shopping!

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