The Monochromatic Movement

A year ago you might have thought wearing all one colour to be a fashion faux pas. But that’s what’s so great about fashion, what’s out of style one season can suddenly be in style the next. This is a tricky one because wearing all of the same colour can appear very matchy-matchy. If you are daring enough to rebel against colour blocking, and attempt this monochromatic movement, than here are some pointers on how to rock one colour, and make people forget about the rest of the rainbow.

All Black

You might have thought that all black is strictly for goths, and at one time your might have been right. But nowadays, in the fashion world, all black is ultra-chic. In fact it’s the go to casual attire for many top models. To make it casual, try this style with loose fabrics and layers. For a nighttime look you can wear tighter pieces, but for daytime, it’s better to avoid looking like cat-woman.

All Neutral

Neutrals are very in this spring and summer, and sporting an all neutral ensemble looks light, fresh, and completely high fashion. Technically neutral is not one single colour; there are a wide variety of neutral colours (cream, white, blush, beige, taupe, grey¦ I could go on forever.) But all these colours are so similar that they are rarely worn together, and thus completely fit into this trend category. So try wearing a few different neutral tones in one outfit, you’ll be surprised how elegant it makes you feel.

Different Shades

Similar to wearing different neutral tones, a popular new look is to wear different shades of the same colour. It’s a fun way to embrace the monochromatic movement, but still look like you are wearing different colours. This works best if pick one colour and stick to it. Wear blue, for example, in varying shades, for every single piece of clothing and accessory in your outfit. If you throw in a red shoe, it might stand out too much, so keep it all one colour.

Different Textures

If you are going to take this trend to the extreme and wear only one colour, in the exact same shade, then it’s a good idea to mix up the fabric textures. Mix sheer with opaque, lace with wool, floral with solid, and satin with suede. Since you won’t be creating contrast with colours, do it with textures instead. If you do the right mixture of textures you won’t look as though you were outfitted from head-to-toe in the same piece of fabric.

Accent Colour

Another way to channel this look is to wear mostly one colour, but with an accent colour. This is a bit less extreme; it’s a mild monochromatic movement. If you are wearing all white clothes, for example, then pick a different colour for your accessories like your shoes, belt and bag. It breaks up the solid colour, but the main parts of the outfit are still one colour. 

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