How to Wear Animal Prints

Like faux fur, sequins or any other trend that has disaster potential, we recommend approaching animal prints with caution. While wearing them in the wrong capacity will guarantee a nomination for What Not to Wear, when animal print is worn right, it can be the height of chic. Here’s how to embrace your inner fashionista and rock this classic trend.

1. Less Is More

Though it’s tempting to embrace your inner MIA and take to mixing prints, bright colours and multiple fashion trends, your best bet is to stay away from over-stimulation and let the print speak for itself.  Want to wear an oversize leopard-print T?  Pair it with black leggings and brown boots, and keep your makeup and jewellery minimal.  Using animal prints as your winter accessories, such as gloves, a hat or a scarf? Pick just one, and then keep the rest of your outfit (including your coat and bag) simple, letting the piece speak for itself.  While a zebra coat, hat and bag might seem daring, it’s best to avoid dressing like an eccentric heiress.

2. Beware the Matchy-Matchy

Less is more, especially if you’re flirting with animal prints.  While a zebra print paired with a head-to-toe black and white outfit might seem clever, you’ll look less like the trendsetter you are and more like you’re set to embark on a high-budget ivory hunt.  Though safari-inspired fashion has come to the forefront, the keyword is inspired “ so avoid a brown uniform coupled with leopard or tiger print. 

Your best bet is to opt for bold neutrals that work to compliment and highlight your choice piece. Black and white work well with grey, and blacks go great with browns and earth tones.  By treating your print like any other, you’ll avoid looking like you’re wearing a uniform, and will exude the trendiness you’re so well-versed in.

3. Know Yourself

While animal print is undoubtedly fashion-forward and edgy, remember that not every trend should be embraced wholeheartedly.  Do you normally avoid patterned tights?  There’s no need for you to start sporting tiger-print legs. Do you define tunics as unflattering and unfortunate? Opt for a petite leopard-print cardigan instead. 

Since animal print is always classic, you can rest assured that by merely dabbling in a trend, you’ll still come out looking fabulous.  Remember, the secret to fashion success is to know yourself and your boundaries”and while it’s fun to take risks, there’s no need for you to brand yourself a fashion victim. Now go wild!


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