We Deserve This: Harry Styles As The New Face Of Gucci Tailoring Campaign

We’ve had a hard time everyone, but sometimes life is beautiful and hands us a blessed gift. Enter: Harry Styles, as the face of the Gucci Tailoring campaign.

Wearing Alessandro Michele’s designs, our special boy stars front and centre (alongside a rooster and fish and chips shop) in a series of shots and a short film, which I am very pleased to announce as very much “my brand.” The campaign was shot by Glen Luchford and art directed by Christopher Simmonds, and while the “I told you so” disclaimer was not flashed before and after the visuals, it should have been because Harry’s been wearing Gucci loudly and proudly since before One Direction went on hiatus, thank you very much.

So let’s start the week off right. Let’s enjoy this. Let’s bask in the glow of Harry Edward Styles, our precious son, with the voice of an angel. Let’s celebrate that Gucci smiled down on all of us while appointing Hazza to take on the role he was born to play. Let’s forget how much we love summer for a minute and begin counting down to fall, so we can tell ourselves that despite it never happening before, the men in our lives will begin wearing tweed and overcoats and some goddamn suits. Let’s order some fish and chips. Let’s listen to Harry Styles on repeat and laugh quietly to ourselves because Liam Payne is probably so mad, but too bad, buddy, you slagged off 1D in your debut single and for that you will never be forgiven. Let’s admire a great fit and great tailoring (no pun intended). Let’s ask ourselves whether we are physically capable of holding a rooster.


But on top of this, Harry’s appointment as Gucci’s frontman is a testament to our evolving taste in and understanding of men’s fashion, thank heavens. Over the course of his career (time in 1D included), Harry has taken rejected gender norms in terms of what he wears (thank heavens) and worn, well, whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants to wear it. He’s perfected fashion-as-wearable-art as well as style-as-a-means-of-expression, and there’s power in that because it frees and gives everybody else permission to do the same. After all, fashion isn’t supposed to be the question of what one “should” wear — it’s meant to act as armour, to be a testament to one’s taste and even one’s power. It tells the story you want it to. And Harry’s telling one hell of one, especially in this campaign.

Particularly: you can totally keep a rooster as a pet, and take it to dinner for fish and chips. Also: I know summer is great, but oh man I’m starting to really miss tweed.

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