Your Birkin Bag is Better Than Gold (Who Has a Birkin Bag?)

Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha was so thirsty for a Birkin bag that she lied and said one was for Lucy Liu and then got totally busted? Me too, because when that episode aired, that show was all I had in the world, I think.

But anywho.

Turns out Samantha wasn’t entirely wrong because a study by Baghunter has proven that a Birkin bag is a better investment that gold and stock market shares, and that it’s “the safest and least volatile investment market” as proven by its 500% increase in value over the last 35 years.

So, like, damn.

“As a whole, the study findings show how stable the ultra-luxury industry has been over the past 35 years when compared to more traditional investment opportunities,” said founder Evelyn Fox. “In particular, the study displays how high-end, rare, and sought-after luxury items such as Hermes Birkin handbags have never dropped in value, even during times of recession and economic difficulty.”

But okay that’s also because there’s also a difference between luxury (which still takes an economic hit) and ultra luxury which usually remains stable.

“While the luxury market suffers during worse economic times, the ultra-luxury market is impervious to economic factors that can affect other industries such as high-street retail and stock markets.”

So basically, it’s probably not a bag for all of us. Mainly, me. It’s not a bag for me. Birkin bags are too many doll-hairs (and I would 100% rather go out for dinner every night and buy a lot of other things), but look: if you’re super into investments and you’re super into the luxury market, then bada-bing, friend: you’ve just won Wall Street. (I think. I think that’s how this works. Also, I’m in the arts, so don’t ever listen to me about finances, ever.)

Also, it should probably be stated that Baghunter is a site dedicated to bags, so it’s not like NASDAQ has released this information to the public and told us all to abandon gold — and also, as pointed out by Harpers Bazaar, the bag is also very valuable because it’s very rare, so if all of us were to buy one (LOLOL imagine) this study would look a lot different.

But look! It’s fine. Do you have a Birkin bag? Congratulations! I do not, and that’s okay. I also don’t own any gold because I once pawned all my jewelry to make rent.

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