Would You Buy Clothes Off Twitter?

Remember when online shopping was a novelty? "I bought this off THE INTERNET!" we would say, referring of course to our dELiA's sweater that we probably ordered via mail and via catalogue. But still, we sounded fancy.

Well, Twitter's getting fancier. The social media site/app/way of life is launching a "buy" button, which will making shopping online an even easier task.

As described by WWD, the button will allow users to store their bank details on Twitter's system (which they say is secure, but look: I'm scared), and then when coming across an item they like, users will click and be days away from receiving their goods. So far, Burberry's signed up, as well as Eminem, Pharrell Williams, Demi Lovato, and Wiz Khalifa, who used it for limited-edition merchandise. Other brands include Home Depot, Music Today, and Stripe, while Burberry's waiting until after its London Fashion Week show on the 15th.

"When you're talking about a consumer's payment info and commerce in general, we're going to wade very cautiously into those waters — so that when larger brands jump in they can feel great about that experience," said Twitter head of commerce, Nathan Hubbard. "We're testing with [Burberry] and I think we'll break some new ground with them and set some examples of other ways that brands can follow."

So what do you think? Will you take the plunge or will you wait for bigger brands? Or will you stick to the metaphoric dELiA's catalogue and just shop the way we know and love? 

[Photo: Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 RTW, Model Cara Delevingne]

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