Will JTT Return to TV?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is coming back to us – maybe.

After years off the radar (it was reported that Thomas hadn’t seen his former castmates since 1998), the former Tiger Beat cover star – and recently-turned 30-year-old – returned for a Home Improvement photo shoot. Which led to an interview, and which led to hope for those of us who haven’t let our JTT crush go.

Telling EW that after travelling and going back to school (and “reading a lot of books I’ve wanted to for some time”) Jonathan is considering directing, saying “I’d eventually like to work behind the camera”.

However, that’s not it: “That’s not to say I would never act again,” he says. “I’m not quite sure to be honest. I still have a passion for film and TV [and] could see myself working with it.”

(And us, for one, would love to see him working in it, too.)

And while JTT has claimed that a guest spot on Tim Allen’s upcoming Last Man Standing has yet to be discussed, his push back into the mainstream spotlight will undoubtedly mean we won’t be so willing to let him fade away. (After all, now that he’s 30, it is totally fine for us to have our crush on him return again.)



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