Who’s the Most Fashionable Person on Instagram?

Well, it's about time, really. Now that Instagram is becoming a guiding light in terms of fashion awareness, the CFDA has added Fashion Instagrammer of the Year to its roster of prizes — and in the words of Drake, #HYFR.

According to Vogue, this year's nominees are as follows: @donalddrawbertson, @dapperlou, @aguynamedpatrick, @paridust, @amy_stone, @hokaytokay, and @bessnyc4, and were chosen by a panel of judges that included Rachel Zoe, Stephanie Max ("The Coveteur"), and Stefania Allen and Kate Davidson from "The Editorialist." Groovy.

However, the winner won't win a gong (which is what winners win, evidently) — they'll have the opportunity take over the CFDA official Instagram account for the night of the awards.

"Instagram has become the platform for visual expression in fashion because it's quick, easy, accessible — it's always with you," said Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram. "It's enough of a category that the CFDA want to take that trend and maximise it in some way."

And rightfully so! Without Instagram, how would any of us be able to follow fashion trends or the relationship dynamics between our best friends, Beyonce and Solange?

Which nominee would you vote for? Let us know in the comments below! 

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