What Did Bruno Mars Wear to the Super Bowl?

Alright, listen, I'm not going to lie to anybody here because I owe you the truth, so: I tuned into the Super Bowl to watch the halftime show. I know, I know: this is an original statement, the kind of which no one has ever made before. But we're all friends here, so I obviously owe you the truth. (And then, yes, I watched the rest of the game, but only because I'd never seen a team play that terribly since my grade five teacher let me sub in on the softball team.)

But Bruno Mars sure brought it, didn't he? Case in point: the singer (and his band) donned custom Saint Laurent for the big night.

Of course, anyone following the goings on at Saint Laurent already know about the Saint Laurent Music Project, which saw everyone from Daft Punk to Sky Ferreira in the brand's black and white ad campaign, but according to Fashionista, Saint Laurent also outfitted Wiz Khalifa and Miguel for the Grammys, Ellie Goulding for the VMAs, and Lady Gaga and Daft Punk for normal days. As a result, the money's rolling in — even though in the case of Bruno Mars, the pieces aren't as expensive as they could be.

A female version of Mars' custom-made blazer is actually available on sale for $737 at Bergdorf's which, let's be honest with ourselves, isn't that expensive for high end. (I mean, $20 is a lot for me, but hey — if you've got money to spend, $737 for a gold blazer isn't totally obscene.)

gold blazer

Maybe the Broncos would've won if they wore gold, too.


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