Watch Amy Poehler Totally Own This Old Navy Commercial

Imagine Amy Poehler was your boss. (I do. Every day.) Now imagine you wore an outfit so wonderful she ran out of your interview, hired you on the spot, and fled to the nearest Old Navy. 

Well good news, friends: you don't need to! Amy Poehler's Old Navy ads have arrived and they're everything you'd expect them to be and more. (Wonderful. And hilarious.)

In it, we see the Parks and Recreation star freak out (in a good way) over her interviewee's cute pants and free top, then completely bail in the way any of us would.

The pants? They are Old Navy's super-stretch Pixie Pants (available in 13 colours) for just $25!

"I'm basically the Daniel Day-Lewis of commercials," Poehler told People. "I'm going to be playing a bunch of different characters and you know I disappear when I play my characters."

"I grew up very middle class," she continued. "My parents were both elementary school teachers and we were always looking for good deals and I still have that feeling."

So do we. So does everyone. These are our lives now.

As for what Ms. Poehler has planned for the rest of 2014? 

"This year it's about urgency, fashion, people, food, life, kids, love, the sun, the moon, it's a big year."

Take us with you, Amy Poehler. Take us with you.

Watch the commercial: 

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