The Bachelorette, Season 10, Episode 11 Recap: Andi’s Final Rose

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Bachelorette Andi. After her end last season with Juan Pablo, she came back this season to get a second shot at love. And now with Nick and Josh left vying for her heart, we can’t help but wonder who she’s going to pick. Will it be Nick who seems to have some sneaky tricks up his sleeve or Josh who seems a little on the jealous side but who is charming as all hell? We shall see.

Back in the Dominican Republic, Andi gets to introduce these two guys to her family to see whom her fam thinks she would be a good fit with. First up is Nick who genuinely seemed happy to see Andi but was a little nervous to meet her parents and sister. But Andi’s mom, Patti, noticed that Nick wasn’t being too touchy-feely with Andi, but wasn’t sure if it was because of them or that’s just how he is. But Nick was off to a bumpy start. His nerves were getting to him and he was sputtering and stuttering and sounded a little awkward and uncomfortable. When Patti and Nick sat down together, Nick did say that he wants Andi to pursue her career (though we’d heard that Andi quit her job to focus on love—so maybe it’s not Nick?!), but does love her more than he’s loved anyone else before—of course making momma Patti tear up. Andi sat down with her sis and gushed about how passionate Nick is and how good he makes her feel. But, as we saw from last season, Andi’s dad isn’t such an easy sell. Nick sat down with papa Hy and asked the million-dollar question: “What is it you like about her?” His response? “I know you’re daughter’s it for me.” (Awww.) After he gushed awkwardly and nervously about Andi, he asked for Hy’s permission to marry Andi, if she would have him. His answer was a lot better than the last guy that asked for dad’s blessing and said he thinks they would be great together if they chose to get married. After the parental visit was over, Andi and Nick got right down to some long-awaited kissing business, until Nick had to say bye for now.

Next up was Josh to meet the fam. Even though Andi may have stopped worrying about the whole athlete-player attitude with Josh, Hy wasn’t so convinced and was so impressed with Nick that Josh had a lot of impressing to do. Josh was super duper nervous and you could tell, though he seemed to be taking it well and making it a little funny too. Andi sat down with her sis to see how her family feels with her dating another ex-athlete (are we doing this ATHLETE thing again?), and she agreed on paper Josh seems like he’d be a player, but in life he’s totally not the stereotype. The entire family interrogated Josh and started asking him the tough questions, which he answered flawlessly and genuinely. Then papa Hy sat Josh down to really grill him (also they were dressed almost exactly the same and walk with the same stride—weird). And then Josh said the line that melted this writer’s heart: “This love is the forever kind of love.” (SWOON!) Even though Hy still seemed unsure about Josh, he gave his blessing, lifting the weight off of Josh’s shoulders and making him even happier. Josh and Andi had some quick smooches before Andi went back to her fam until their next date. But even though she has two awesome guys (okay, one, but that’s just us) to choose from, she still has her fears and reservations that things might just blow up in her face—we’ll see what happens.

After the family visits were all done, Andi could resume her final dates with the guys and get a final sense of whom she really wants to be with. First up, Josh, who welcomed her with an adorable, “You look nice, baby.” Their date started off the way their first date began: sailing on a boat, except this time in the Caribbean and this time with a lot more kissing. Even though Josh was happy as a clam and oh-so-charming, Andi seemed to have some more serious issues on her mind and wasn’t as relaxed as she had been in the past, knowing that she’s got a big decision to make very soon. They swam and splashed in the water, did some snorkeling and bit more kissing and it all seemed hunky dory. Later that night, Josh and his red pants met up with Andi, hoping to give her some last-minute confidence that Josh might be the one. Even though Josh said he had no questions or doubts, Andi still had hers and tried to get some more info and Josh did his best to charm the hell out of Andi, but still gush at how much he loves her. He reassured her that he thought they could conquer anything and get through the rough patches and be super happy with one another. To commemorate their time together (so far), he wrote her a letter and pulled out her very own baseball card, titled Andi Murray (Josh’s last name), but jokingly listed her faults as “can’t dance and swears too much,” which she got a really good kick out of. Their date seemed to end on a high note, but Andi still had another date to go and lots to think about before she chose her mate.

Then it was Nick’s last date. It’s been a couple days since they’ve seen each other (Josh’s dates were sandwiched in between Nick’s), but Andi was ready to get some clarity on who the obvious choice is between the two. They started with some off-roading and then stopped for a picnic and some kissing. Andi was trying to get some talking in, but Nick’s awkward answering tactics showed he probably just wanted to keep kissing, but told Andi about his conversation with her parents and how sure he is about the whole situation—even though Andi still has her doubts. They went for a dip while Nick babbled on about how he didn’t want to go down the same road (getting engaged) if he wasn’t sure, but he was definitely sure about Andi. Their date continued into the night, where Andi tried to soak up every last bit of Nick in order to figure out who she was going to choose in the end. Nick kept talking awkwardly like he does, but Andi kept drinking that kool-aid like she’s been doing all season long. And though she can’t tell Nick that she loves him, she seemed to reassure him enough that he was “confident” he’s the one. Then, just to get a feel for how married life would be with Nick, he walked her through a day in his life (it’s really not all that great), but again, guzzle guzzle, she drank it all up—especially when he gave her a necklace with sand from one of their dates (funny, that doesn’t look like a diamond ring) and all of a sudden Nick seemed to be ahead of the game.


Andi woke up the day of her impending proposal (how weird is it knowing that one of your two boyfriends is going to propose?) and gushed about the two guys, but admitted that she’d already made a decision as to which of the two guys she wanted to spend her life with. Nick talked about how scary the rest of that day was going to be, but was pretty confident Andi was going to pick her. Josh, on the other hand, showed a bit more humility with the whole situation and recognized that it may not be him (BUT WE’RE GUNNING FOR YOU, JOSH!!!) and even thought about the ring he was going to choose. Josh sat down with the ring guy and picked THE prettiest rock ever, but just before they rolled to commercial break, Andi paid Nick a visit in his room…

Back at the studio with the live finale, Clare (yes, #CrazyClare) opened up and said she wished someone had come to her room to break up with her instead of letting her go to the finale and even Farmer Chris said that Nick has to just trust the process and hope that Andi is going to make the right decision. But just to keep us on our toes and on the edge of our seats, Chris Harrison drew out all of the finale stuff and who the next Bachelor is going to be.

…When we finally got back to the situation with Nick and Andi, it appeared at first Andi just had some stuff on her mind from their date the night before. But, as it happens, she woke up and felt that something “wasn’t right” with them, just as he had felt when he had been engaged before the show. (BASICALLY SHE’S DUMPING HIS ASS.) Nick seemed shocked, in only the way Nick can—with a bit of a casual attitude—but Andi was truly emotional and felt bad, but also that she was doing the right thing. Then Nick finally got pissed, feeling cheated at the way Andi acted towards him on their dates and said that he thought Andi took it (and him) way too far. Finally he conceded that Andi probably felt really bad, but that she should be a million per cent sure she’s making the right choice—I guess that means no take-backsies? After a super awkward hug, Andi was off to get engaged to the real guy she wanted, even though she was visibly upset after her conversation with Nick. In typical pouty Nick fashion, he threw away all of the roses she’d given him and then was on his way, looking dejected and pissed and like someone finally knocked him off his high horse. According to Chris Harrison, Nick had been trying to contact Andi (in a weird stalkerish way, no doubt), but she wouldn’t speak with him (and took out a restraining order—kidding!).

After Andi said farewell to Nick and got all dolled up, she was ready for Josh and seemed truly excited to see her main man. Josh got out of the car looking dapper as ever and Chris escorted him on his way to Andi. Josh walked up to Andi looking like his breath had been taken away and dove right into his proposal—except he started it by talking about his baseball career (WE GET IT! YOU WERE AN ATHLETE!)—and then continued the rest of it flawlessly and adorably. After he gave his spiel, Andi said a little something about the journey and how scared she was about the whole process and even their relationship together—about how open he’s been with her and her feelings for him, but finished it off with that special word: L-O-V-E! Even though she made him sweat, when she finally said it, she couldn’t stop saying it. And then, he popped the question with the prettiest damn ring of LIFE and she said YESSSS! After she said her yes, she asked him one last question: “Will you accept this rose?” Obvs, after giving her that ring, the answer was pretty clear.

After the Final Rose:
Back with the live studio audience, we got to delve into Nick’s stalkerish ways a little more. He wasn’t over her and she gave him purpose and it was all a little weird and uncomfortable watching him pine the way he was. He still had some unanswered questions and needed closure and “needed to see her.” He approached Chris Harrison to try and see Andi before the finale because he didn’t think Josh was “the right one” and passed along that weird letter Andi received after Men Tell All. But Andi really didn’t want to see Nick yet, so he wrote her a letter (and signed it in his BLOOD—kidding!) and asked Chris to pass it along.

But, Andi couldn’t avoid the stalker Nick for long, because of course, he’s there in the studio looking for answers (and a new body for his skin suit). Nick went on and on (and on some more), though even after he talked for like 10 minutes we’re still unclear as to what he was saying or what he wants from Andi. After a bit of a lull in the show (we were worried Nick pulled an “If I can’t have you no one can” moment), Andi came out and sat with Nick. She looked super uncomfortable while he babbled and didn’t really say anything but just sort of mumbled a little more. Andi stood her ground saying that she did love him, but Josh was just “more right” and that it was really difficult for her to break the news to Nick. Nick continued to make things awkward when he blamed her for making him fall in love and acting like she was in love, especially after they “made love,” but Andi wasn’t having any of it and said that was a low blow. They went back and forth for a bit and Andi made us proud saying that she felt the way she felt and made sure not to drag him all the way to the end where he proposes, but he just kept making himself sound awful and weird and stalkerish. Finally, it ended and they took him off the stage, and we got to see Josh and Andi together for the first time, post-Bachelorette.

When Josh finally came out, it was a very warm welcome—both from the audience and his fiancé©e, Andi. After months of waiting to announce it to the world, Andi and Josh were finally able to be together publically—and this finale was going a lot better than the last one… Apparently they’ve been sneaking over to each other’s places for secret rendezvous since they live so close to one another in Atlanta. They were all gushy adorable smiles as they talked about how in loooove they’re in with one another. But what’s next for them? They want to enjoy being “publically engaged,” but Josh wants to get married sooner than later. Chris asked about those pesky pregnancy rumours that have been floating around the mags… and while Josh said “I’m trying!” with so much emphasis (we fell in love a little more), she said they’re definitely not having a baby—yet, but enjoying being together out in the open.

Stay tuned next Tuesday for our weekly recaps of Bachelor in Paradise!

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