Was Rihanna “Too Old” to Go Topless?

So we're all on board with Rihanna's crystal dress, right? We can all agree that she totally killed it, and was arguably simply in the spirit of jazz artist Josephine Baker? Good. Great! So now it's time for Diane von Furstenberg to weigh in, I guess.

In an interview with The Cut, the designer sang the praises of Rihanna's CFDA gown, and said your middle-aged years is when you may want to re-think showing a little something-something.

"I'm European, so I always used to be topless when I could afford to," she said. "You can only do that when you're very young." 

As for the cut-off age: "Forty. Some people more. But after a while, no."

I mean, really, though, you do you, regardless of age, right? Like if a middle-aged actress showed up in Rihanna's gown and felt comfortable doing so, then that's awesome. Be topless! Just own it. Some of us prefer the opposite — like, I am very comfortable in leggings and an oversize shirt, because I like to eat and bloat in equal quickness. (So wearing Rihanna's dress would be a nightmare for all of us if I tried to make it happen.) But I know that, just like Rihanna knew she could wear the shit out of a sheer dress made of gems.

So what do you think? Is 40 actually the cut-off age, or is von Furstenberg selling women short? Or do anyone's opinions matter, since Rihanna is Rihanna and she makes her own choices like a grown-ass woman? Discuss.

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