Victoria Pendleton For Burberry?

Considering Burberry’s based around British pride (and that major advertising campaigns are set to be unveiled for the new season), we shouldn’t be shocked to hear that Olympic Gold medalist Victoria Pendleton might be the new face of the brand — if she has her way.

While nothing has been confirmed, Victoria Pendleton — the gold and silver medal-winning cyclist — has decided to retire from her sport and has set her sights on new prospects, like fashion.

“That would be my ultimate dream,” she told Vogue UK. “I’m really hoping that I’ll have the opportunity to go to a fashion show because I’ve been invited a couple of times by Burberry. I haven’t been able to go because of my training schedule and I literally cried when I found out that it wasn’t possible. I would love to do that, just once in my life. It would be amazing, just out of this world.”

The thing is, a potential gig with the fashion house wouldn’t be out of left field considering Victoria Pendleton is also the ambassador for Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek and has done her share of editorial spreads.

Regardless of what Burberry decides, the recent surge of pride world-over would be a great opportunity for the fashion world to get on board with fitness and health (as opposed to the opposite). If Michael Phelps can pose for Louis Vuitton, surely Victoria Pendleton can get decked out in Burberry.


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