Victoria Beckham & SJP Collaborating?

Rumours abounded over the past couple weeks, but it’s been confirmed that Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham will not be creating the ultimate fashion line.

While the two were linked through fashion blogs (and other legitimate sources, naturally) and a collaboration was implied, a spokesperson for Victoria Beckham has said this morning that the two will not be working together.

Of course, this isn’t the first Victoria Beckham rumour to make it to press this week: as early as today, sources reported that the Spice Girls were set to auction off their costumes, but the group’s management has also confirmed that said “news” is also false. (What is happening in the world?)

What we can take solace in is that the Spice Girls musical is still a go. And while the Sarah Jessica Parker-Victoria Beckham fashion dream team has yet to develop, maybe the momentum of such rumours will prompt the designer and fashionista to get their collaboration on.

Or at least give Sarah Jessica Parker a cameo in the musical.

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