Tyra Banks Talks Gender Role Constrictions

Tyra Banks is force to be reckoned with — she's a model, business person, and, well, a brand. But with all that in mind, she recently said motherhood isn't exactly in the cards.

"I don't want to slow down and stop," she told Metro. "I think there's a weird thing with women when we're high achievers and have high goals, sometimes it's like, 'Why don't you just sit down and have a baby?' I know I'm an overachiever and I'm not apologetic about it. I won't be slowing down any time soon; it's only going to get bigger."

And honestly, kudos to her for knowing herself. What is up with the pressure for us to sit down and procreate when our lives may be progressing swimmingly? Motherhood is awesome for some, and for others, it isn't. And that's awesome. We live in 2013 — we're allowed to make choices (and not to be chastised for them). 

So in addition to all of this, Banks also talked about being the new face of Special K, as well as the pressures women still suffer to look a certain way.

"Body image is something that has been important to me for a long time," she said. "So when people were saying I was fat, gross, and disgusting, they weren't just saying it about me, they were saying it about any woman whose body looked like mine. I felt I needed to say something so I was very vocal and told the people who had negative things to say about me — or women who looked like me — to kiss my fat ass."

Aaaaaaaaand mic drop. YOLO. HYFR. Terrific! Correct. That is the only appropriate response to anyone who ever body shames you. Goodbye, naysayers. We are all going to shut you up now. (Tyra Banks, you go.)

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