The MTV Moonman Gets a Makeover

On August 30, we’ll watch as Miley Cyrus hosts the shit out of the MTV Video Awards (because honestly, you guys: she will, and our lives will be better for it). But in addition to the network’s latest attempt at 2K15 relevance, they’re giving more than just the broadcast itself a facelift — designer Jeremy Scott is making over the iconic Moonman.

Having been its iconic silver tone since the channel’s inception, the Moonman this year is multicoloured — like the classic TV bars — and is wearing both a peace sign necklace, and a pair of Jeremy Scott sneakers. So yes, the Moonman is now very cool.

“Why?” Scott was asked by Vogue when news of his latest venture broke. “OMG, I cannot think of a reason why not to!”

“As we are moving in a more online world where fewer people actually watch programming on televisions anymore, I wanted to take it back — way back, old-school style — to TV sets and the colour test bar that would appear at the end of the night when a TV channel would sign-off — if you can even imagine that today.”

Sadly, the Moschino designer’s Moonman will only be around this year, but here’s to the network bridging the gap between music and fashion even more — especially since we all know this year’s host will totally bring it, aesthetic-wise.


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