Teva Wants You To Wear Socks and Sandals

I think all of us have very strong opinions on socks and sandals, and I think even more of us don't have an opinion at all because we prefer shoes. (I am that person. I'm sorry, but feet are weird and usually gross-looking.)

So! Imagine the controversy that will come from Teva's new gimmick, as long as it happens: socks and sandals. Not just as a dorm room option, but as a thing.

WWD reports that the sandal brand is partnering with Woolrich to promote the socks and sandals look we saw in shows by Dior, Burberry, and Marni recently, as well as to jump on the bandwagon that is normcore. 

The brands are also offering bright socks that compliment the sandal patterns/colours — and vice versa — so that if you commit to this, you will absolutely be making a statement. Also making a statement is this tutorial by Elizabeth Stewart and Keira Sheppard because you guys: Teva is not fucking around here. (You will wear socks and sandals, and you will like it, as far as they're concerned.)

You can pick up the sandals + sock combos for a cool $65 starting today on the official Teva website, as well as most retailers where Tevas are sold. Just remember: you will never, ever come back from this. Normcore trend or not, this will be who you are.

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