Suzy Menkes Calls Out Fashion Criticism

Vogue has a new International Editor, and that person is Suzy Menkes — a woman who just brought a whole world of harsh truths to her first column in which she called out "the bitch brigade." Also known as the current fashion criticism climate.

"The Internet shows the ugly face of fashion criticism," she wrote. "If there is something mean to be said in 140 characters, there is always someone ready to dish the dirt about the ill-fitting haute frock or the sobbly super-high heels. A nice comment about how pretty a star looks is as rare as a high carat diamond. (And even that was dismissed as 'vulgar' when George Clooney finally found his soulmate.)"

Menkes then went on to say that in her new role as Vogue editor, she'll be abiding by an important rule: "no bitching."

"My personal take on fashion criticism is that I am so happy to see a great collection and give credit where it is due," she explained. "And if the show is a flop? I try to offer constructive — not hateful — comments. It is about thoughtfulness as opposed to meanness and analysis rather than knee-jerk reaction. Maybe there was a hint of the idea — especially from outside the business — that the fashion world is bitch central."

"If the bitches are winning, the true fashion lovers are losing," she continued. "Suzy Menkes in Vogue is going to be anti-bitch."

DAAAAAAAMN. Also, yes. The whole piece is amazing, and you can read it here. In the meantime, celebrate the direction Vogue is moving in (which will ultimatley prompt other publications to do the same), and the end of the shit-all-over-people era. We're all better than that. You go, Suzy Menkes.

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