Still our favourite leading ladies

Disappointed gasps were heard around the world this week when it was confirmed that Academy-Award winning actress Kate Winslet had separated from her husband, acclaimed director Sam Mendes. (This is basically comparable to the sadness felt during the breakup of Jen and Brad circa 2004.)

While it was confirmed that the two had actually ended things earlier this year, it wasn’t until recently did sources come forward exposing Mendes as a potential philanderer. While nothing’s been confirmed, gossip sites have quoted sources as saying the aging director was spending more and more time with a younger actress, leading to his wife’s disapproval (and inevitably the end of their marriage). (And while I know nothing’s been confirmed one way or another, the fact that someone would even consider cheating on the lovely Kate Winslet breaks my “ and likely every other female’s “ heart.)

As a shocked and saddened public allowed the news to sink in (seriously “ they seemed so awesome together), rumours have also begun to circulate that Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James has also been unfaithful, leading to Bullock’s withdrawal from the UK The Blind Side premiere due to unforeseen circumstances.

What?! Have the men of Hollywood recently abandoned their intelligence and integrity, or have they simply lost their vision? While nothing has been confirmed one way or another, any marital problems are incredibly sad, and the fact that two of the 21st centuries’ greatest actresses have had to deal with such ridiculousness is not only tragic but incredibly disappointing.

Let’s hope everyone’s faith is re-affirmed sometime soon.

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