Spice Girls Reunite

Cue: every emotion synonymous with “joy.” Five years after their phenomenal reunion tour, the Spice Girls have reunited once again.

Coming together today to announce plans for Viva Forever!, a jukebox musical that will premiere in London, fans can mark December 11 (the premiere date) in their calendars and get ready to trek to the UK to take in the beauty.

The Spice Girls musical will include their songs (obviously), and is currently helmed by Jennifer Saunders (Asbolutely Fabulous) and Judy Craymer (producer of Mamma Mia!). So far, Viva Forever! has been described as the following:

“As one girl follows her dreams, Viva Forever! charts her journey into the world of overnight celebrity and its impact on her mother and the friends she thought she’d have forever,” reads the official website. “From London to Spain to back again, as the world judges you, it’s all about who you really are and who you want to be, whatever the cost.”

Essentially, if you’re not so excited about the Spice Girls musical that you’re willing to start saving for a trip to London now, then everything needs to be re-evaluated.



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