Kanye’s Shoes Will Be Ours Soon

They're coming! Yeezus shoes! To us! (Specifically you and me, yes.) And obviously yes, we can and will wear men's shoes if we so wish. (Who's going to stop us?)

The announcement came when Yeezus performed at a very exclusive Adidas global brand conference in Germany yesterday, which was held for employees of the company. Then, in the midst of his show, Kanye announced his shoes would be available in June.

"Creativity is my oxygen," he said. "I have to create. And I don't care how crazy I look to anyone; as long as I can make the best product for all of you. So in June, we'll see the new Yeezis."

(Yeezis is, of course, the name of the shoe.)

However, Freshness Mag has confirmed that the shoe will be called "YEEZi" and not "Air Yeezy" — which is a move MTV thinks has to do with preventing any issue with Nike. (I mean, "Air Jordan" is pretty much Nike on lock.)

"To get to the point to be able to make your own shoe and have people react to it was such an amazing feeling that I could never let that go," West continued in his speech. "With this new opportunity to create, I feel like I can be myself. This was the company that was experienced and brave enough to give me the opportunity to create."

You can watch the full speech here

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