Jenna Lyons Talks Her “Girls” Role

Fans of Jenna Lyons were already likely well aware that the J.Crew creative director would be appearing on this seaosn of Girls. But if you aren't? Surprise! Lyons is now Hannah Horvath's new boss at GQ (as of last night's episode, specifically).

"I can honestly say it was one of the most dynamic, creative, interesting, inspiring experiences I've ever had," she told New York Magazine. "I think what's even more incredible, and what you can't even possibly imagine, is there's a script and the dialogue, but I have never seen [it] before and I have no experience with being on a set, but [creator] Lena [Dunham] doesn't say the same thing twice. Every time her references are deep and wide and vast, and they are on rapid fire."

So how did this even happen? Quickly and easily — and provided Lyons wouldn't have to take off her clothes.

"I may have been a little bold in my reply with the 'yes' [that] I would do it right away, but I did actually see the script," Lyons explained. "Again, Lena is incredibly respectful of others. I know she never would have asked me to do something like that because she's just not that kind of person; she's not provocative in that way. She's provacative about subjects she feels she can talk about, but she's not looking to force anyone into a provocative conversation."

Lyons will appear on three episodes of Girls, but here's hoping Ms. Horvath spends a little time at GQ which will help build her writing career even more — or at least fund it and her essays. Until then, we can look forward to Lyons bossing up and add her to our list of "people whose jobs we aspire to have." Obviously.

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