Where to Shop in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary has dynamic scene for local brands and Canadian fashion. Scattered across the city you can find inexpensive vintage, North American-made brands, and high end labels. Didn’t know? Now you know!


As an awkward, unsure 14 year old, Purr was the site of my first vintage plaid shirt purchase and my step towards indie rock queendom (this is literally what my hormone ravaged brain believed to be true). Having since moved further east down 17th Ave, the shop remains a mecca to snap up vintage treasures as well as locally made bling and brands.

Fashion Central

This may seem like an obvious choice, but the establishment of this hub was a notable step in Calgary’s mission to define a new creative and cosmopolitan identity – city’s need makeovers too! Fashion Central emerged at the corner of Stephen Ave and 1st Street in 2009, and serves as a center for unique international and local fashion brands to share space on your VISA bill and in your closet.

North American Quality Purveyors

If you need to bestow new threads upon the men in your life, stop by this new spot in Inglewood. North American Quality Purveyors is singular in Alberta for its dedication to stocking only Canadian and American made clothing and accessories. There’s nothing more dashing than an educated



Plum is a great stop if you are looking to pump up your business casual or for unique accessories to up your swagger points. Founded in 1988 in Kitsilano, there are now nine stores across BC and Alberta dedicated to helping customers build sustainable wardrobes with Canadian brands (read more about their inspiring mandates here). Tucked away in Westhills, this place is definitely an unlikely hidden gem.

Value Village (58th Ave SE location)

This VV Boutique marked another first for my friends and I, as we learned how to thrift like a bunch of 14 year old bosses. Unlike many other large cities and their resident vintage pickers, this Value Village is consistently underestimated, leaving it to hold incredible thrifting gems like my favourite, Calgary-pride cowboy boots that I grabbed for a mere $8.00.

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