Goodbye, Instagram; Hello, Louboutin!

Are you sick of the variety of photo filters Instagram has bestowed upon us? Does any/all other apps make you want to scream into the night? Do you want any/all photos to be accompanied by a tinge of red and/or a red haze? Okay great, then bless your hearts, because it’s Louboutin’s time to shine.

According to WWD, the shoe giant has released Louboutinize — a photo-filtering app that allows iPhone users to upload their pics and turn them the same shade of red found on the bottom of Louboutin shoes.  (Or, you can “imagine the world” through the crystal bottle of the brand’s nail polish, which launched last year.)

But wait: there’s more. In addition to these two features, you can also “try on” a famous person’s body (!?) and share said experiments on social media. After that, new filters/features will launch every month or every other month.

This is just one of many ventures we can/should expect from Christian Louboutin, who launched a leather goods line recently and will be releasing a lipstick line later this year.

“I take my time to think,” he told WWD earlier. “I basically keep my eyes and ears open and when it fully makes sense, I do it.”

Groovy. And just remember: the brand will also accept any/all submissions you’ve made via the Louboutinize app, so don’t be afraid to get creative.


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