Soul Singer Joss Stone is the New Virtual Bond Girl

While the movie franchise may be stalled indefinitely, 007 is keeping his name in lights in the virtual world, with a little help from a new Bond girl.

Grammy-award winning soul singer Joss Stone has become animated to star in the new James Bond video game, 007: Blood Stone. The character, named Nicole Hunter, is a spitting image of the hippie-chic singer from UK, and is also voiced by her.

“She’s a bit of a hard nut as well, which is cool. You know she hangs out with Bond, flirts with him throughout the game, gets herself into trouble explains Stone. “It’s cool isn’t it? I’m just gonna throw that out there every 5 minutes in conversation. Did you know that I’m a Bond girl?”

But in addition to adding her vocals to the new character, Stone lends her trademark-smoky voice to the game’s soundtrack. She sings I’ll Take it All, which she co-wrote, on the game.

So in addition to spins on the big screen (Eragon) and the little screen (The Tudors), Stone now appears on the virtual screen, too. But her interest hasn’t waned from her true love of music. She’s recently worked with Damian Marley, Lil Wayne and Nas on the song, My Generation.


Let’s hope this video game does well; it could be the most of Bond we see for a while. After several delays and false-starts, the studio has cancelled the next installation altogether. Look for Blood Stone for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and Windows PC late this summer

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