Solange Knowles Joins Team Puma

Listen, I know we all sing the praises of Beyonce to the extreme (AS WE SHOULD), but it's important to remember her sister, Solange: a force of a singer in her own right, and someone who genuinely seems cooler than even the coolest people we know. 

Of course, we're not the only people to notice this — and now, brands are getting with the program, too. Enter: Puma, who've just appointed Knowles as the new art director and creative consultant at the company. 

In an interview with Who What Wear, the singer displays her new collection, "GIRLS OF BLAZE" (which are colourful, bold designs that are by definition, "the bomb"), and on Facebook, she opened up about this new opportunity in general.

"It is in my new role that I am able to express my love for not only design but the conception of creative ideas, and the execution of them by curating amazingly talented teams," she wrote. "I've had so much fun producing special content, ad campaigns, events, and working alongside the awesome Puma team with some of my favourite emerging artists, photographers, graphic designers to create activations that really celebrates both mine and PUMA's approach and philosophies."

Groovy. In the WWW spread, Knowles enlisted pals Saada Ahmed and Jill Martinelli Wimberly to show off her sneaker designs, and now their February 2014 release (at select retailers) can't come soon enough.


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