Shake-Ups At Vogue

Things are changing over at the Vogue offices — and by "things are changing" I most definitely mean longterm editor Meredith Melling-Burke has left.

But fear not. According to WWD, Burke and bookings editor Valerie Boster are leaving to start their own super-secret project, which is rumoured to be an e-mag with a e-commerce hook.

However, this is likely quite surprising to followers of Vogue, since Melling-Burke has consistently been the "mouthpiece" for the magazine. Recently, she went on the Today show to promote the October issue (which has been pegged as "budget-friendly" thanks to the new "budget-friendly" component — though as a true poor, I hope that means $10 thrifted dresses, I really do), and now, well, she's gone.

"We have learned so much in our combined 25 years at Vogue, and look forward to applying this knowledge to our new venture," Melling-Burke said, giving no more details about what that venture actually is. However, Melling-Burke and Boster will obviously be missed: while Boster will be replaced by Helena Suric, model manager at DNA Models, Melling-Burke's workload will be divvied up between four other people as well as accessories editor Selby Drummond and market editor Jessica Sailer.

And now all we have left to do …is wait (dun, dun, dun).


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