What Type of Flirt are You?

Remember that “What Type Of FLIRT Are You?” Teen magazine quizzes? I stumbled across a much more ‘scientific’- erm grown-up version of a Flirt Quiz online and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. 

Essentially, all men and women possess a combination of 5 different flirting styles. Physical, direct, indirect, playful and traditional. What type of flirt are you?

Physical: This is the one of the clearest indications of flirting! Physical is all about body language- smiling, touching, and getting close to your crush. Most people are able to read (in various degrees) the interest and chemistry between a pair through facial expressions and using their body to show how they feel. People who prefer physical flirting might casually reach for the saltshaker at the same time and touch.

Direct: The direct flirt is all about creating an emotional connection and intimacy with your crush. They are romantic, speak from the heart and listen carefully. This is actually the most common flirting style and it’s about communicating with one another and finding common interests, which help build emotional connections. It’s all about being interested in the other person, and while this flirting style is a bit slow-paced, it’s a sincere and honest romantic pursuit.

Indirect: An indirect flirt is polite, subtle, shy, passive and careful. They are careful not to appear aggressive or needy. It’s a bit ‘playing hard to get’ and following the rules and careful not to ruin their image. The indirect flirt can sometimes be so passive in their ‘flirting’ that it’s hardly noticeable and is a subtle as small acts of kindness. It’s about conversation and slow building chemistry.

Playful: The Playful flirt is about the attention game rather than sincere interest in the other person. It’s about meeting new people, chatting and luring in potential partners. Playful flirts are all about getting attention and not for romance. It is for self-esteem, to feel attractive, and for fun!

Traditional: Traditional flirts are all about allowing the men to take the lead and the idea that women should not pursue men. Traditional flirts prefer men asking women out, paying for the first date, and following old-school gender societal expectations. A woman who is a tradition flirt, would expect to be treated like a lady and to be impressed. 

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