The Closest We’ll Get to Anna Wintour

Alright, this is the best. Making a rare appearance on the Vogue Instagram was Anna Wintour this week, who got busted flipping through the latest September issue.

Captioned, "Anna Wintour reads #TheSeptemberIssue. Do you? We'd love to see it! Show us your #voguestagram" the photo sees the Vogue EIC admiring her staffers' work on the Jennifer Lawrence-fronted issue.

So of course, that got everybody talking. First, because Anna Wintour is cool, and she's obviously not too cool for Instagram or by default, any of us. Secondly, because this could signal a little more Anna Wintour on Vogue's Instagram — right? 

The icon only recently signed up for Twitter (she sent her first tweet in June), so it makes sense for her to only be getting around to Instagram now. (We're not going to push her on Facebook or Tumblr because one is for kids, and the other has an overwhelming amount of TV gifs that might be a little much for the notoriously private EIC. (See what I did there, guys? With the humour pointed in Facebook's direction?)

Anywho, you can check out the photo below, and you can pick up the new Vogue anywhere magazines are sold. There's a particularly great interview with Benedict Cumberbatch in the issue, as well as one with a certain Jennifer Lawrence (which explains why she's on the cover), that calls her out as a comedic force. As you can see from my joke in the above paragraph, J-Law, I'll be happy to collaborate with you at your convenience. (Same with you, Ms. Wintour — we'll even Instagram our coffee and magazine-reading.)

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