Jon Snow and Ygritte are Now a Couple IRL

All of your dreams have finally come true. Jon Snow and Ygritte, or rather Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, are dating in real life and we couldn’t be happier. (Though, if we’re being honest, we’d rather it be us.)

Ahead of the Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones (Sunday, April 24 at 9 p.m. in case you haven’t heard GOT fans screaming it at you for the past two months), the two walked the red carpet at the Olivier Awards in London and made their relationship very obvious when they gave onlookers the PDA they’ve been dying over since Jon and Ygritte made love for the first time in that cave so many seasons ago.

ygritte jon snow

Rumours have been circulating for years that the two have been dating (you can’t fake that kind of chemistry), but they never admitted it. But now, since Ygritte is gone from Jon Snow’s world and his fate is still TBD, no better time than the present.

Maybe it’s that Kit isn’t allowed to cut his hair. Maybe Kit and Rose bonded over being naked together. Maybe it’s the way Rose says “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

you know nowthing jon snow

Maybe it’s that Rose knows if she were ever to die, Kit would stay by her side until her last breath, even in the middle of a freaking war. Maybe it’s because they have this crazy I-love-you-I-hate-you tension in the show that just makes the sex so damn amazing (I mean, Jon Snow, come on. Plus you know Ygritte definitely has some tricks up her sleeve). Maybe it’s because they know that if Jon and Ygritte can get through being held captive with one another and having the wildlings and Night’s Watch fight each other, Kit and Rose can get through anything.

We can only imagine the role-playing that goes on with those two. Guys, if you’re reading this, there had better be a cave at some point or you’re going to disappoint GOT fans the world over.

While we may never get to be Jon Snow/Kit Harington’s lady love, we can’t imagine a better person than the one that stole Jon’s V-card. True love, indeed.

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