Sarah Jessica Parker Teams Up with Hallmark

Alright, if you've been taking bets about who Sarah Jessica Parker will collaborate with next, and you've somehow been holding out for Hallmark, you are laughing at all of us (and collecting a lot of money). Why? Because, ta da: Sarah Jessica Parker is collaborating with Hallmark. Yes, the greeting card company. Because why not.

In an interview with WWD, Parker explained her love of cards, and how the union came to materialize.

First, it came through "her love of the written word."

"I love cards, and I always have," she said. "I'm a big believer in the in power of a hand-written note, so I was very interested in being involved in this project."

The project actually launches quite soon, and will also include stationary and wrapping paper, all of which will be embellished in gems and glitter, because, again, why not.

And I mean, why not. If Kate Spade can have a stationary line (and I've seen it at Chapters, and I didn't dream it, I SWEAR), Sarah Jessica Parker sure can. And who doesn't like stationary? Monsters, that's who. People who write "HBD" on Facebook walls. So I say stationary for all! Or some. Basically, whoever wants it.

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