Sarah Ferguson not invited to Royal Wedding

With a recent announcement that Kate and Wills will be making a Canadian stop on their Royal Tour, the lovebirds have remained drama-free (a feat for the Royal Family) up until this point – well, kind of.

After being (in)famously busted for soliciting bribe money to “open doors” to ex-husband Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson has not been invited to the wedding, which some consider surprising since a whopping 1900 attendees have made it onto the list.

However, the Duchess of York has come forward – via rep – to, and announced plans to be overseas in April and allegedly “never expected to be invited”. The spokesperson has also added that unlike her history of embracing the public spotlight, Ms. Ferguson is desperately trying to remake her image and has “declined all commercial work relating to the wedding”. (But the real question of the hour: what commercial work could she be asked to do?)

Of course, this co-incites with the upcoming reality series the Duchess has planned for OWN – Finding Sarah – which has already come under some controversy after later-to-be denied reports stated that Queen O is “unhappy” with the project. Yikes.

Looks like we can stop hoping for an exclusive Kate-Wills interview on the six-part Oprah-endorsed docu-series.

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