Robert Pattinson Talks Marriage and Divorce

This weekend marked the second-last time any of us have to hear about Twilight until the next generation inevitably discovers it, but until then, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been nothing but candid about the storyline.

In an interview with E!, R-Patz admitted that if Stephanie Meyer opts to pen another book, divorce is the only option for Edward and Bella.

“That’s what’s going to happen,” he said, when asked about a ‘vampire split.’ “That’s the only option.”

“I think it’s technically possible,” K-Stew agreed. “But I can’t really answer that question – it’s too sad.”

Well, sad if you’re a fan of the books. The makings of a reality show, if you’re into the series over the melodrama. Not that fans of the real-life couple necessarily need to worry about a split.

Talking to Us Weekly, the actor-also-known-as-Edward admitted that “he’s not really a wedding type of guy”, but despite that, it “was nice . . . it was a really nice day.”

Ms. Stewart agreed, explaining she felt that it was a “genuine experience” – which goes hand-in-hand with her sentiments on motherhood. Thanks to playing Mom to the cutest child actress on the face of the planet (until Suri Cruise makes her debut), the actress claimed she “loved it!” when it came to playing a parent.

Cue: all of us assuming the Twilight stars are secretly the little girl’s actual parents. (Kidding.)

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