Prince Harry Drama Continues

After the Las Vegas nude photo scandal, Prince Harry’s taking privacy to the next level. According to Us Weekly, the Prince has frozen his Facebook account (that was under a pseudonym) and is staying under the radar.

“Because of all the Vegas drama he’s frozen his account,” says a source. “No more Facebook for Harry for a while. He’ll probably come back online in the future, but, for now, he’s been advised to go offline.”

That’s probably for the best. However, this isn’t the end of the nude photo fallout: Prince Harry will be reporting to Royal Air Force Wattisham base, where he’ll have interviews with his superiors — including General Sir Peter Wall — who will decide how to reprimand him.

“This is pretty serious,” a senior military source told Us. “General Wall is a tough guy to make excuses to. He won’t let Harry get away with just a light ticking off.”

So let this be a lesson to everyone: what happens in Vegas never actually stays there.

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