The Originals: Episode 3 Recap

I was hoping this would be the night we’d learn more about Davina, and we did. I still don’t like her.
At the beginning of the episode, Hayley starts reading Elijah’s journals and learning more about Klaus and his family. She, like Rebekah, really wants to get Elijah back – and this episode sees the Mikaelsons working towards that short-term goal.
We know Klaus is “playing against both sides, hungry for power,” but in this episode he really starts moving pieces in the game.
Marcel’s right-hand man is gallivanting with a witch, giving the Mikaelsons the perfect weakness to play on. She’s the one who informed the vamps there was a werewolf in town. Klaus decides to use Marcel’s fraternizing-with-the-enemy friend against him. His witch girlfriend is one reason the vampires are always one step ahead (although Davina is the primary source) and Klaus works on a plan to eliminate the connection and turn Marcel against his friend.
Cast of The Originals
The cast of The Originals.
Meanwhile, Rebekah makes gal-pals with Cami and invites her to Marcel’s party to distract him.
Bing, bang, boom, Klaus plants a few seeds, turns some vampires against one another and creates trouble in Marcel’s perfect vampire paradise. Klaus causes a perfect little rift and, at the same time, convinces the witches to help him find out where Davina (and therefore Elijah) are located.
And then the magic happens – literally. Right in Lafayette Cemetery #1, the witches get down to business. They perform two spells, one major and one minor (a locator spell). The more significant spell causes Davina to wake up and say “Marcel, something’s coming,” before madly painting her vision.
But it seemed all for naught when the witches failed to find Davina in time. Klaus stepped in and saved Marcel (from the witch that was coming after him), solidifying a little more trust from him. “I owe you one,” he tells Klaus — and he’ll give Elijah back. But when he heads back to wherever it is he keeps Davina, she puts on her brat voice and tells him no. She won’t let Marcel have Elijah back until she figures out how to kill an Original.
Turns out she runs the show more than we thought.
Favourite line: “I can tell you fancy her pure heart. Perhaps I’ll feed it to you.” Rebekah to Marcel about Cami. He then accuses her of being jealous. (“Sometimes it’s good to see the world like humans do,” is what Marcel has to say about Cami, in return.)
Best dressed: Marcel in his slim fitting party suit. Yes, please!
Biggest mystery: What does “Nos Omnia perdetu el eam” mean? This is what Hayley was searching at the end of the episode because one of the witches was repeating it when she was trying to determine whether Hayley was having a little girl or a little Klaus.

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