The Originals Episode 15 Recap: Le Grand Guignol

This week we start with a flashback to 1919 when the Originals unified New Orleans. Klaus is thinking about this prime in his life as he lies in bed, paralysed from the dagger Elijah plunged into him last episode.

Then, Elijah promptly removes the dagger from inside his brother, under Cami's watch. Then he goes to take care of all his other business: finding Hayley, protecting Rebekkah from Klaus and keeping watch on the witches.

There's a lot of focus on Marcel and Rebekkah's relationship, both past and present. Apparently, in 1919, Klaus had finally given in to them being a couple – right before Mikael turned up in town. In present day, they're sitting in a car together, trying to figure out where to go to escape his wrath again.

They decide to go to the cemetery to try to resurrect Davina so she can help them with some kind of cloaking spell to hide them from Klaus forever. But he's no dummy – big brother predicts their plan just as they're forming it. 

Sabine/Celeste concocts a drink for Hayley that she says will break the curse on the werewolves. Hayley refuses to let Elijah take the witch away before they can complete the spell, but, obviously, Elijah's a lot stronger and faster than any werewolf, so he snatches the witch away. She loves the struggle between Elijah and Hayley, imagining they can never be happy together (the perfect revenge for an ex girlfriend!)

When Klaus gets a call saying Marcel and Rebekkah have been spotted in town, he makes a glorious show for Cami, tipping over a statue in his room to bust it open and reveal his own white oak stake – the only thing that can permanently kill an original vampire. Cami tells him not to become his father.

Klaus takes Cami on a tour of the French Quarter and points out a spot or two where is father wreaked havoc. He talks about the night his father found him and how he tortured him mentally and physically, stringing Marcel up on stage and burning the building down, presumably with Marcel inside. He says that no, he won't become his father and torture Rebekkah the same way. He will simply end them quickly.

Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Celeste has cast a boundary spell. The Originals can enter, but they can't leave. She's the one who intends to torture everyone. Then she plunges a piece of glass into her own neck so she can switch to a new body. But, Elijah being the clever vamp he is, set a plan in motion to prevent her from doing so. It worked. Monique Deveraux helped him with a spell. Celeste wakes up in her own body and Elijah stakes her. For good this time, we hope.

Marcel has made off with Davina, back to the church, where she wakes up.

We leave off with the three Original vampires, alone in the cemetery, facing off. Klaus on one side, Rebekkah and Elijah on the other. Intense!

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