The Originals Episode 14 Recap: Long Way Back From Hell

Fans of The Vampire Diaries get ready! More overlap is about to begin… starting with the orginal vampires' father, Mikael, who hasn't been a focus on The Originals yet, but who was part of a major TVD plotline for a while there.

Rebekkah is in a place of mental torture following the witches' attack on everybody last episode. Evil witch Genevieve, with whom she clearly has a past (though we're unsure what, so far), is making sure she can't leave. Upstairs in the same abandoned hospital building, Celeste is holding Klaus and it looks like he's been tortured physically (as she promised he would be).

Meanwhile, the witches are consecrating Sophie Devereaux. Elijah confronts Monique about it (now she's the snotty brat witch, replacing Davina's 'tude!) but she tells him to find Celeste. Then tattooes start appearing on his body – names, which he gets Hayley to write down for him. Elijah, Hayley and Klaus begin to follow the trail of names, all witches Elijah believes Celeste had taken over in the past. One of the key names: Bryn Devereaux, a family member of Sophie's — and who Hayley hopes can help break her werewolf spell.

And then we get the history on Genevieve and Rebekkah: In New Orleans in 1919, they worked together as nurses fighting influenza. They were friends, but clearly no longer. Genevieve shows Klaus Rebekkah's "betrayal" to try to get revenge on lady vamp. Apparently, in an effort to set Klaus aside so she could be with Marcel forever, Rebekkah had conspired to rid herself of Klaus forever. She had Genevieve seek out their father, Mikael, who then came to New Orleans to find Klaus in 1919 and almost succeeded in killing him. 

One of the names on Elijah's list turns out to be a witch who died in the influenza outbreak in 1919, bringing our two storylines together. The boys prepare to head to the sanitorium to save Klaus and Rebekkah, but first Marcel explains the same story about Mikael to Elijah so he knows what he's walking into.

Back in Rebekkah's flashbacks from 1919, when she wanted to take the plan back and not bring Mikael to New Orleans afterall, Genevieve told her she wanted no part in the plan. Rebekkah infected her and another witch (who was actually Celeste — although in the body of the witch from Elijah's list) with influenza and left them to die.

Celeste inhabited another body, but Genevieve was gone. "Now that she's back," says Celeste to Rebekkah, "you're the one whose luck's run out."

Then whoa! All the action starts! Genevieve lets Klaus loose to chase down Rebekkah in the sanitorium at just about the same time Klaus and Elijah turn up to search the joint. Klaus chases Rebekkah around, accusing her of treachery and threatening to put in her a constant state of agony. Marcel finds them and tries to step in but Klaus tosses him aside. Just as Klaus is about to plunge the white blade into Rebekkah, Elijah comes in too and redirects it into Klaus himself.

He tells Marcel and Rebekkah to run "as far and as fast as you can" while he stays with Klaus. And that's where we end.

Grossest moment: When Genevieve slices Klaus open, plunges her arm inside him and wrenches out the white bone knife we've been seeing so much of these last few episodes.

Biggest "yes!" moment: Wehn Celeste strolls out of the sanitorium feeling pretty great about herself and Hayley takes her down, unaware, calling her "witch bitch." 

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