The Originals Episode 12 Recap: Dance Back from the Grave

Eeeek! Celeste, who are you and what is your evil plan? And who exactly are these gems of friends you’ve brought back with you?
Tonight we start out with a flashback to many moons ago where the witch coven of New Orleans embraces a new leader, a dapper guy in a suit. Clearly evil. And then we see his first encounter with the original vampires themselves, and it’s not pretty. 
Next, back to present day (and after breezing over a quick reference to the fact that the Mikaelsons made a guest appearance on The Vampire Diaries last week), we see the vampires celebrating the release of Theirry (by Klaus of all people!) until they find two dead friends, clearly taken down by witches and dark magic. “That mark is tied to some bad mojo,” is what Marcel has to say about it.
And voila! There’s dapper suit man, with his hand around Rebekah’s throat and making her crumble, strong Original that she is…
Klaus asks which of the vampires will fight against the dark magic with him. When nobody volunteers, he says he’ll be handling it himself.
Meanwhile, Cami and Marcel have an encounter. He has to break it to her that Davina’s gone. 
Another flashback: right after Marcel returns from World War One, Klaus asks him to confront a rogue witch and defend their home. Surprise! It’s suit man, a warlock also known as Papa Tunde (who, miraculously, can slay a snake and a person without getting a drop of blood on his white suit).
When he sacrifices Rebekah, he performs a ritual. At the end of that, he tells Celeste he has absorbed all the power an original vampire holds (an endless source of power, since she can’t die). Celeste asks if that’s enough to make Klaus suffer, to which he replies, “When I am done, he will wish that he could die.”
Apparently Papa Tunde had gone on a rampage after the first world war, killing humans, werewolves and even other witches who opposed him. Elijah tried to make a deal with him but Klaus had other plans: he killed Papa’s two sons, from whom Papa had been drawing power. Then he killed Papa Tunde himself.
And now Papa’s back for vengeance, stronger than ever – until Elijah pulls Rebekah from his power and he’s not quite strong enough to take down Klaus.
Then we get a shock: Marcel brought Papa Tunde to town in the first place. He thought it would drive Klaus away so Marcel could make up with Rebekah. She tells him the only person that would make Klaus flee is their father, Mikael. 
Papa Tunde finds the one place where he has super easy access to lots of vampires, Marcel’s garden where Thierry had been holed up. He sacrifices them all. Then, the final offering: himself. Celeste kills Papa Tunde and harvests all the crazy power for herself. 

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