No “Material Girl” for Madonna?

Let’s get dramatic up in here! Madonna may not be the original “Material Girl” since label LA Triumph Inc. claims they’ve been selling a clothing line of the same name since 1997.

Stop the presses.

If you’re not familiar, Madonna recently launched her own label of the “Material Girl” variety, but has since been approached by the Los Angeles-based company who claim they’ve got dibs on the iconic title. Asking the singer to choose a new name, Madge requested a judge throw out the injunction entirely, only to be – gasp! – declined.

And to court they go.

According to WWD, the trial begins in mid-October, where Madonna will likely claim that her 1984 hit, “Material Girl” was the original, thus entitling her to a lifetime of M.G. associations. However, this madness has been going on since August of last year when LA Triumph asked the judge to rule that the use of the name creates “deception in the marketplace”. (And confuses us all because why would they name their brand that in the first place?)

Anyway, look forward to what promises to be many months of she said/they said, therefore officially sucking the fun out of singing along to old Madonna songs from the 1980s. (Who do you think is right?)

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