New Alexander McQueen Photo Book

It’s been over two years since Alexander McQueen passed away, but his influence is still just as strong.

Enter: Love Looks Not With The Eyes, an upcoming photo book by Anne Deniau, that will feature over 400 previously unseen photographs from backstage at his fashion shows.

“I had no choice, really,” Deniau said of the project. “[It was a] duty — a matter of trust and radical honesty. I hope that watching his work over 13 years, condensed in this book [readers will be] shocked or overwhelmed by so much beauty. I hope this book leaves people speechless about Lee — since words are insufficient for this man that I love.”

“I hope readers will fully realize how much Lee gave and how far he went, at his own risk.”

Well if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, I’m not even sure what to say. 

Photos feature images of Kate Moss and Sarah Burton, and will be priced at $71. As of October 1, it can be yours — just in time for an early, early Christmas gift. 

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