Natalia Vodianova Makes Modelling Debut

Thanks to Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, model’s daughters are following in their mothers’ footsteps, lowering the age bracket for models everywhere. However, no one’s lowered it as low as Natalia Vodianova’s daughter, who’s donned a dress – for charity.

Nera Vodianova Portman (no relation to Natalie) was photographed in a new dress created by in aid of Natalia Vodianova’s Naked Heart Foundation charity – so no one needs to be worried about child exploitation here.

Naked Heart Foundation’s mission statement is to “provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to play for every child living in Urban Russia,” so we can understand why Natalia Vodianova would have no problem championing her daughter.

The dress worn by Nera was designed by Eva Karayiannis of Caramel Baby and Child and will be sold for the charity. Made of cashmere, it goes for 225 British pounds, while the adult version is priced at 380. As of May 6, you can order your own, but until then, we can ooh and aw over just how cute Natalia Vodianova’s daughter is.

Modelling for a cause – always a good idea.

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