Jessica Simpson Could Cash In on Baby Maxwell’s Pictures

It feels as though Jessica Simpson has been pregnant for much more than nine months, but the singer has finally popped out a baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson. The topic on everyone’s mind is, how much money will Jessica Simpson make from her new bundle of joy?

Well, the new momma won’t be counting on People magazine’s $15 million payout. The magazine promised that the first shot of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s kids, Knox and Vivienne, would be their last.

But knowing how enterprising Simpson is, she’s going to do everything she can to make sure she cashes in on her new mommy-dom somehow. Simpson has already signed a deal with Weight Watchers for $3 million to help her lose her baby weight. She also announced back in January that she will be adding a maternity line to her ever-growing fashion empire.

Aside from all that, Simpson is still working on getting a deal for her baby photos. Back when she first got pregnant, she tried to snag a deal for $750,000 to announce her pregnancy and promise a magazine the first baby photo, but her attempts failed. According to sources, that’s not letting Simpson down! She’s still shopping for a deal and is hoping to debut Maxwell in a very public way.

“Photo agencies and magazines have been courting Jessica’s manager and father, Joe Simpson, for months to lock down the exclusive rights to take the first images of the baby,” a source said. “Ultimately, it will come down to who offers the most money, but it will also be taken into account that the Simpsons have had long relationships with all the weekly magazines, some great and some very bad.”

Jessica Simpson will most definitely be getting a nice hefty paycheque from having Maxwell. But more importantly, Simpson is now the proud momma of a healthy 9lbs 13oz baby girl… who she gave birth to in a lavish $4000 suite at Cedars Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles.

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