It’s Karl Lagerfeld’s 80th Birthday! Or is it?

It's Karl Lagerfeld's 80th birthday. But according to an article by the Telegraph, we all may be prematurely aging the fashion icon.

While Wikipedia may bring up Uncle Karl's birthday as September 10, 1933, the Telegraph argues the opposite — in that, September 10 is not his birthday at all. (Dun, dun, dun.)

Apparently, Lagerfeld was actually born in 1938, which would make him 75 years old TV (as per his spokesperson), but in an interview with Paris Match, he revealed his birth year to be 1935 — which would make him 78 today. How did all of this start? A European birth certificate shortly before WWII (just like our grandparents).

"My mother changed the date," he explained. "It was easier to write a 3 or an 8."

So that's how 1933 and 1938 came to be — with 1935 being completely passed over. Regardless, Lagerfeld doesn't plan to retire, so technically, his birthdate doesn't entirely matter.

"Everyone knows I'm 100 years old," he said via his spokesperson. "So it doesn't matter how old I am!"

Well happy birthday, regardless, Karl Lagerfeld. And may the Internet finally catch up with your actual birth year. Or at the very least, may magazines and websites stop running retrospectives of your 80 years. (Unless that's how old you really are.) 

Again: dun, dun, dun.

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