Big Beauty Birthdays in 2012!

Just like fashion, beauty products and trends go in and out of style, fragrances may be discontinued or favourite skincare lines are upgraded when research is out of date. But like classic denim jeans, there are some beauty products that have stood the test of time. Here’s a look at some beauty products celebrating landmark anniversaries this year. 

Big Beauty Birthday #1: Botox Turns 10
Botox 10th Anniversary
The cosmetic procedure that revolutionized anti-aging treatments turns ten this year. For the first time, those looking to hide signs of aging could skip going under the knife, and opt for a simple needle instead. The neurotoxin injection, which kills nerve cells to smooth lines in the face, is now the most common cosmetic procedure. Since its FDA approval more than 11 million Botox injections have been given in the US. 

Big Beauty Birthday #2: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Turns 20
Touche Eclat 20th Anniversary
The little gold pen is a staple in the makeup bag of makeup artists and women around the world. In fact, one Touch Eclat pen is sold every 10 seconds. The magic pen, which illuminates shadows, brightens under-eye circles, hides imperfections and smoothes lines, turns 20 this year. To celebrate, YSL is launching six new shades in June, to come to a total of 12 available shades, and releasing a limited edition hammered gold Celebration Edition. 

Big Beauty Birthday #3: Angel by Thierry Mugler Turns 20
Angel by Thierry Mugler 20th Anniversary
Twenty years ago, Thierry Mugler launched a perfume that would become iconic. The blue fragrance and star-shaped bottle are still instantly recognizable today. Angel was the first fragrance to capture the scent of Oriental Gourmand, and now, 20 years later Thierry Mugler is finally releasing an Angel Eau de Toilette in a refashioned star bottle.   

Big Beauty Birthday #4: Lalique de Lalique Turns 20
Lalique de Lalique 20th Anniversary
Another fragrance celebrating its twentieth birthday is Lalique de Lalique. Already well-known crystal makers for other perfume bottles, Marie Claude Lalique launched an in-house fragrance in 1992. This year, the perfume will be rereleased in the original ché¨vrefeuille” bottle decorated in a 24-karat gold. The Ead de Parfum will be limited to 350 40ml bottles made, along with 50 60ml bottles. A limited edition Eau de Toilette will also be released. 

Big Beauty Birthday #5: Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” Nail Polish Turns 30
Essie Ballet Slippers
In the 30 years since ints creation, Essie’s classic shade “Ballet Slippers” has graced the fingertips of everyone from Queen Elizabeth II and A-list celebrities to teenage girls getting their first manicure. The pale pink shade is one that truly never goes out of style. The name was inspired by the trips to the nail salon, Essie creator Essie Weingarten took with her mother after ballet classes.

Big Beauty Birthday #6: Estee Lauder Advanced night Repair Turns 30
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
While the bottle and the formula may have faced a few minor upgrades, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair has graced department store shelves for 30 years. The anti-aging formula, stemming from DNA research, repairs damage from UV light, smoke and pollution. To mark its pearl anniversary, Estee Lauder is launching a 30 Years of Innovation limited edition bottle. 

Big Beauty Birthday #7: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Turns 60
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream
A formula passed on generations ago from Norwegian fisherman, to businessmen, eventually to Neutrogena in 1972 led to the creation of a hand cream that has been softening hands for 60 years.  The 40 per cent glycerin formula provides immediate relief dry hands, and when used daily prevents chapped skin.  Now Neutrogena uses the formula in Comfort Cream for the face, foot cream and body lotions. 

Big Beauty Birthday #8: Miss Dior by Dior Turns 65
Miss Dior 65th Anniversary
In February 1947, Christian Dior launched not only his first runway show, but also a fragranc. Miss Dior, a frangrace containing notes of oak moss, labdanum, patchouli and bergamot celebrates its 65th year on the market.  In honour of the event, Dior is launching Miss Dior Eau Fraiche, a new take on the classic perfume, with the added note of gardenia.

Big Beauty Birthday #9: Revlon Turns 80
Revlon Cherries in the Snow
In 1932 Revlon launched its first opaque nail colour, Cherries in the Snow. 80 years later, the nail polish is still a go-to in the beauty aisle, proving some things get better with age. In honour of their 80th birthday, Revlon released a collection of 20 new nail lacquers. All of the new polishes contain a formula to smooth the nail base for a perfect at-home manicure. 

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