Miranda Kerr is the New Face of Wonderbra & Strips in a Reebok Commercial

And you think you work hard. (You do. We all do. All of us are trying our best.)

However, in the same week, Miranda Kerr’s campaigns for Wonderbra and Reebok kicked off, officially making us all look bad.

While only a few photos of the Wonderbra campaign have been released so far, Kerr made a splash with her Reebok commercial, which sees her completely stripping down en route to the shower. (Which, I guess, would’ve been better than any Reebok commercial I’d do, which would see me wearing Reebok and eating chips on my couch.) Fortunately for the company, she keeps her shoes on the whole time (?!?!), but why am I narrating it for you when you can just watch below.

Kerr offered a glimpse at the campaign back in February, when she tweeted images along with “Love my Skyscape shoes! Here’s a peek at my new campaign @Reebok.”

On top of that, she’s also the new face of H&M and Clear Hair & Scalp Therapy, on which she replaced Heidi Klum. Basically what I’m saying is Miranda Kerr is taking over the world, and if repeated episodes of The Simpsons has taught me anything, it’s that it’s only a matter of time before she fronts Mr. Sparkle.

Miranda Kerr’s Reebok commercial:

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