“The Mindy Project” Is Going On Hiatus

Why is this happening to us? Deadline reports that The Mindy Project is going on hiatus, with its last episode of the season (cue: sobbing) airing (seriously, are you reading for this?) on January 28.

JANUARY 28. But it will return in April with an hour-long premiere.

Evidently, The Mindy Project and Dads are both getting bumped due to low ratings, and will be replaced by GleeNew Girl, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which is actually a great show, let me just tell you that right now).

So what's the deal? According to Gawker, the problem may be the guest stars (ex. James Franco), who are costing the show a pretty penny and haven't gotten a return yet. The site also says the show hasn't been allowing for proper character development because of said guest stars.

But guys, this is the worst. Mindy Kaling is a force, and even shows like Parks and Recreation have seen their fair share of not-so-great ratings — despite being the best. There's also Kaling's appeal to teens and 20-somethings, as evidenced by her recent piece for Rookie Yearbook 2, which was just published in Vanity FairWe need more shows run by strong, smart women, so here's hoping the ratings pick up, and The Mindy Project returns to full glory. 

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